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GMA is a significant national business communicate TV and radio system in the Philippines. GMA Network is the leader property of traded on an open market GMA Network Inc. Its first communicate on TV was on October 29, 1961, GMA Network (earlier known as RBS TV Channel 7, GMA Radio-Television Arts then GMA Rainbow Satellite Network) is usually implied to as the "Kapuso Network" in reference to the layout of the organization's logo. The first significance of the GMA abbreviation was Greater Manila Area, alluding to the underlying inclusion region of the station. As the system extended it changed into Global Media Arts. GMA's lead TV channel is DZBB-TV which conveys VHF Channel 7 (Analog communicate) and UHF Channel 15 (Digital communicate). The system has 4 starting stations and 48 transfer stations across the country. Its writing computer programs is additionally accessible outside the Philippines through GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV and GMA News TV International.